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Do You Have TMJ Problems?

TMJ problems can sneak up on you caused by a bout of stress, or they can be issues that have long plagued your oral health as a result of an unbalanced bite. If you’re curious about whether jaw joint dysfunction is the source of dental pain, ask yourself if you frequently experience the following:

• Night time teeth grinding
• Clicking and popping sounds when moving jaw
• Ringing in ears
• Jaw pain when waking up
• Difficulty opening your mouth

If you have one or several of these issues, you could be dealing with a problem related to the TMJ or temporomandibular joint that connects jaw arches. TMJ issues can be caused or aggravated by teeth grinding and for some patients are a matter of bite problems that can lead to stress on joints and pain in the neck and facial area.

Protecting Teeth, Fixing Bite

For many dentists, treating TMJ issues involves protecting teeth from wear and tear by offering a mouth guard. While this does cushion the force placed on teeth, it does not correct the root cause of the problem. Dr. Durflinger’s solution to TMJ problems is both protective and corrective in nature and can include bite correction if necessary. If your bite is unbalanced due to gaps between teeth or teeth that have been worn down due to grinding, our cosmetic and restorative procedures can help alleviate these problems and create better harmony between arches of teeth to minimize TMJ dysfunction.

Dr. Durflinger can provide restorations in the form of dental bonding, veneers, and tooth-colored crowns to ensure that your teeth are even and adjusted to be of proper height to avoid an unbalanced bite. We can also provide mouth guards to ensure that your new restorations are protected from any wear and tear while sleeping.

Contact Us to Learn More about Treating TMJ Disorder

If you’re exhibiting any of the issues above, don’t hesitate to call our Auburn, WA dental office to learn more about we can alleviate problems associated with bite and TMJ pain.

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